Uttarakhand is one of the most soul soothing states in India. The reason is that it is more of rural taste than of urban one. Uttarakhand is divided into two major regions, the Garhwal region and the Kumaon region. The raw and nature driven environment has retained a green Uttarakhand so far. This is the reason why village tourism is so much flourished here. And this why, it cannot be denied that India is considered as the “land of villages” worldwide.

What actually is rural tourism? According to ministry of tourism, “Rural tourism is any form of tourism that showcases the rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations, thereby, benefiting the local communities economically and socially as well as enabling interaction between the tourists and the locals for a more enriching tourism experience”.

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Keeping All These Things In Mind I Would Like To Throw Some Light Upon Benefits Due To Village Or Rural Tourism.

  • 1. Primarily, rural tourism uplifts economy of that region. This model is workable bin similar manner to the tourism model in urban areas. There also it helps in generating revenues and here also it helps in doing the same.
  • 2. Village tourism promotes women empowerment. Generally, in villages men migrates to big cities for working purpose leaving their wives and children behind. These women need to be empowered to have better lifestyles. This can be done by employing them into this business. For instance, running homestays, running kitchens preparing local cuisine and other hospitality fields.
  • 3. Village tourism helps in preserving authentic and ancient culture and traditions. Many travellers and tourists media approach such villages filming them and showing about their traditions. Further, such documentaries are broadcast on television and other digital platforms. This way it reaches masses all around the world.
  • 4. Village tourism teaches about sustainable form of living. For instance, it includes activities like cycling, trekking, mountaineering, bird watching and many more such activities that does not involve any kind of disruption to mother Nature.
  • 5. Village tourism assists in expanding village entrepreneurship by increasing the businesses of local craftsmen and artists for their original and aesthetic works.

Some beautiful and charming villages of Uttarakhand that offer perfect get away for tourism will be discussed below.

Sankri, this village is situated some 230 Km away from Dehradun in Uttarkashi district. It is quite prominent village because it serves as the base camp to many treks including Kedarkantha and Har ki Doon.

Chopta, this scenic hamlet is cosily cuddled in the laps of the mighty Himalayas. This village offers treks to Devariyatal, Chadrashilla and Tunganath. During winters this village is completely covered in snow making it a perfect destination for skiing.

Mana, this village is special because it is India’s last village, situated few miles from the border of India and Tibet. The village is surrounded by natural steam springs, bridges, lofty mountains and cascading waterfalls.

Khanyasani (Doni,Bhitari), Various villages en route to Rupin and Supin valley in Uttarkashi district near Himachal border are also great tourist attraction. These villages are Purola, Bhitri, Sewa, Hanol, Netwar, Taluka and few more. Hanol is a village famous for Lord Mahasu, an avatar of Lord Hanuman . Lord Mahasu temple is an exquisite example of wooden architecture. According to mythology four Mahasu brothers were called here to liberate this place from the clutches of a demon. After liberating the place they divided the region among themselves in four parts. Talking about the twin valleys Rupin and Supin, two rivers flow from each of these valleys. And the confluence of these rivers in Netwar village is called Tons, this is how the Tons river originated. Netwar village is also famous for Lord Pokhu temple.

And the list of such bidden gems in Uttarakhand goes on and on. The warmth and welcoming nature of the natives of all these villages of Uttarakhand makes them worth visiting.

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