Rupin Pass

A trek that starts from one state and ends in another state, have you heard about such a trek? If not then you need to know about the Rupin Pass trek. The Rupin Pass trek covers Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Both the states are situated in the Himalayas making them an ideal trekking location. A pass is a path for crossing a mountain in a group of hills and is usually saddled between mountains or hills.

Where is Rupin Pass located?

As already mentioned, some part of the Rupin Pass lies in Uttarakhand and rest in Himachal. The altitude is approximately 15,200 feet. The trek starts from Dhaula village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand to Sangla in Himachal Pradesh.


The journey of Rupin Pass is full of varied experiences. In the entire trek trekkers will come across majestic waterfalls with crystal clear water, a lot of tall pines, verdant forests, fields, and some man-made arts like temples and villages. Though the journey starts from Dehradun, but the trek starts from a small hamlet Dhaula situated in the Uttarkashi district. Trekkers can really imbibe the serenity of this place before moving further. The villagers will tell you many interesting things about their village and it is always a good thing to know about the place you visit. Trekkers can also see River Yamuna flowing in its cleanest state passing through the village known to be worshipping Kaurawas (according to the mythology). After Dhaula trekkers will get to see another village named Sewa. Meanwhile, on their trek route, trekkers get to see vegetation of apricots and apples. In this village, a very famous Kinnaur temple is situated. Outside this temple, visitors get to see several medals and trophies won by the villagers.  Maybe it might be their way of thanking the Almighty. From this temple, trekkers can get a view of the holy Kinner Kailash. Now, from Sewa trekkers head to a place called Batwa which is located in Himachal. This is how trekkers cross the border of Uttarakhand and reach Himachal. The trek will gradually become intense from this point. But trekkers will still enjoy trekking under nice shade of deodar and walnut trees. Then comes another place called Jakha, which gives a serene and cool ambience due to the presence of forests. This village is also known as ‘Hanging Village’ because of its geography. Another point called Dandreyash Thatch where trekkers will find big meadows in green and yellow shade. Trekkers will get to cross many small rivulets that finally get mixed with the Rupin river. The Upper Waterfall that is the part of the trek takes to another spot called Ronti Gad from where Rupin Pass is some 10 Km away.

Rupin River

Rupin Pass is the source of the Rupin river, formed due to the melting of ice (glacier) on one side which merges in the Bay of Bengal. Whereas, the snow melted on the other side, mixes with the Sutlej River, and flows into the Arabian sea. The place has green vegetation during summers and snow-covered during winters. The trek finally ends in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh.

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