Kedarkantha Trek

Uttarakhand is a small hill state located in Northern India. Most of the areas of Uttarakhand lies in the laps of Himalayas which is why it is called a hill state. The location of Uttarakhand makes it a suitable place for trekking. One such trek is Kedarkantha trek, don’t get confused because it sounds similar to Kedarnath but this is a different one.

Where is Kedarkanth situated?

Kedarkantha is actually a mountain peak of the mighty Himalayas. It is located within a very famous wildlife sanctuary, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Uttarkashi district of Garhwal region. The elevation of this place is approximately 3,800 meters. The temperature of this region ranges from 5 to –5 degrees. It is around 240 Km away from Dehradun city.


The journey to this trek overall starts from Dehradun itself. When you start your journey the first stopover is a village called Sankri. This village is the Uttarkashi district. The actual trek starts from Sankri. This picturesque village shelters around a population of 270 people with 77 houses. The village since located in Himalayas itself gives a beautiful view of nature. In this village trekkers can gain experience about local culture and get an idea of people living in mountains. The trek from Sankri takes the trekkers to another mesmerizing place called ‘Juda ka Talaab’. Many people haven’t heard about this wonderful lake. This is actually a conjoint lake as its name suggests. There is fable those natives of this region believe in about this lake. They say that Lord Shiva once unlocked his deadlocks and water droplets trickled from his hair that fell on Earth and formed a conjoint lake, which probably is the spot where we find ‘Juda ka Talaab’. Isn’t the story interesting? That is why trekking is such a fun, as it comes with so many interesting stories. There is another unique feature of this lake, it completely freezes during winters and people can even walk on it. The next spot is the Kedarkantha base camp. Generally, the purpose of base camps is to provide break from trek so that trekkers replete energy to reach their final destination. But trekkers can also enjoy the beauty of nature. The final and most awaited part of the trek is the summit, that is, Kedarkantha peak. The peak gives trekkers a breath-taking view of the Himalayan mountains mostly snow-cladded.

Best time to plan a trek

The best time to plan a trek to Kedarkanth is anytime. Yes! You heard it right. If you are a green lover than visit during summers and if you like to get a white glittery snowy scenery than make your plans accordingly. This trek can easily be completed in five days and gives you immense experience of trekking.

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