Baraadsar Lake

Uttarakhand is famous for its sundry topographical features, be it snow-covered peaks, crystalline glaciers, gushing streams, placid lakes, dense forests, and extensive meadows. One of such gem places is Baraadsar Lake. This bowl-shaped unique lake is surrounded by mountain peaks from all sides.


Baraadsar lake is exactly situated between the Rupin and Supin valleys near the border of Himachal Pradesh. The lake is placed quaintly at an altitude of 14435 feet in the Uttarkashi district of the Garhwal region.


The journey to this pious lake Sar, known as Saru tal, is situated at a height of 4200 meters. Sankri is the headquarters of most of the treks, so as during this trek too. Saru tal has the unique power of enticing its visitors with its beauty. Trekkers will get to enjoy a plethora of flora and fauna right from this point. After Saru tal the next point is Badaan. Here, trekkers will witness a lot of great picturesque wonders that mother nature unfolds for her admirers. Moving forward the next point is called Deruadaar. This place has its own attraction known as ‘Vijay Top’, which lies at a height of 3878 meters. Vijay top is not much known to people and also there is no such mention on the internet, only the natives and avid trekkers know about this wonderful spot. As trekkers approach their destination, the charm of the lake pump in energy within them, and all the exhaustion vanishes. Trekkers get a commanding view of a large bowl-shaped field (which is completely covered in snow), that resembles a huge cauldron. Surrounded by high ridges on all sides, lies the exquisite Baraadsar lake in the middle of the bowl-shaped field. In summers, the field blooms with lush green grasses whereas in winters everything is white. Trekkers can even get 360 degrees view of mountain peaks namely, Bandarpunch (I), Bandarpunch (II), and Dark Pinnacle. On the west lies Supin valley where, trekkers can see a large meadow known as ‘Vishkhopdi’, ‘vish’ meaning poison and ‘khopdi’ meaning brain. Watching sunrise and sunset from this place is once in a lifetime experience. On the reverse trek to starting point, trekkers will move to kulla, known as kulla trek, with lots of Moruban trees on the trail. Another place is Khanyasani which flaunts the Kinnauri architecture. Biren brothers and Mahasu are two deities worshipped here by the locals. And finally, from Khanyasani back to Dehradun.

Favorable time to trek

This trek is one of the perfect options for trekkers who would love to challenge themselves because the level is moderate to difficult. Many experienced trekkers choose to trek to Baraadsar lake. This trek offers beautiful forms of nature to be witnessed, so it fairly depends on trekkers that what type of form of nature they want to witness. The temperature of the place ranges from –15 to 5 degrees round the year. If asked from trekking experts then between March to November is the most preferable time to trek here.

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