We at Trekmount are a team of certified and officially recognized trek leaders and local guides, who have in-depth knowledge of the Himalayas. Our trek packages include your comfy stays and meals with a touch of local aesthetics to give you all the feel of staying in the Abode of Snow. Hassle-free coordination among the team members will make you feel at ease within the journey and help you in enjoying it at its best.

About the owner

The owner and founder of Trekmount is Yogacharya Ramesh Negi, who is a certified Yogi with a Master's degree in Yoga from the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’- Rishikesh. He has earned certification from Yoga Alliance USA for completing 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training course. He also has extensive experience teaching Yoga in many foreign countries. He has expertise in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and multi-style Yoga. Additionally, he is also skilled in trekking. The owner has started this venture in order to make people aware about the physical and mental fitness through yoga and trekking.

Our Aim

Our team is a bunch of competent professionals who aim at providing world-class hospitality and keep improving ourselves based on the feedback from our clients. Our mission is to make the journey of our clients memorable and worthy for every buck spent.

Why choose us?

We, the entire team of Trekmount, are locals of this paradise Uttarakhand and we are well versed with every nook and corner here. With our years of expertise in conducting treks, we ensure that each of our clients gets a lifetime experience while starting their trek journey with us.
We do not just conduct treks but we also make it a point that our clients get to know in-depth knowledge about the place they are visiting. In the hilly areas of Uttarakhand, mostly all villages have their unique culture and tradition that talks about their rich history. For instance, many people from urban areas have not heard about the culture of worshipping totems or in local language ‘Kuldevatas’ and ‘Kuldevis’. This culture is still alive in these high-up regions, while during the treks we at Trekmount try to give the best experience of this authentic tradition to our clients for making their trek more memorable. Some of the famous totem temples are Mahasu Maharaj, Nadasher Maharaj, and a few more.

Every village on the hill has a story, so we at Trekmount make the journey more interesting that the difficulty level of the trek is easily absorbed while hearing these wonderful fables. For example, there is an interesting story behind the discovery of treks to Kedarkanth, Har Ki Doon, Baradsaar Lake, and many more attractions in the Garhwal region. During the 80’s and 90’s, almost every household of the villages here owned cattle. The owners would take the cattle to grazing fields nearby but the cattle increased year by year and their food requirement also increased proportionally. So, the owners would take them to faraway places in the Himalayas in search of some alpine meadows. That’s how these villagers discovered places like Kedarkanth and Baradsaar Lake and many people started knowing about these hidden gem places, which are now in present time favorite destination for trekkers.
We also help to communicate our clients with the local villagers and help them know their tradition and culture closely. Every place has its own authentic cuisine, so we help our clients discovering many lost recipes that are clamped in the mountains of the Himalayas. We also ensure the complete safety of our clients because we follow strong principles and one of them is as soon the client starts the journey with us, they are completely our responsibility till the last day of the trek.
In the end, we at Trekmount believe that our clients are a part of this flourishing family and our only goal is to make them feel the same so that the bonhomie created can be cherished for a lifetime. So, go ahead and choose Trekmount for your exciting trek to Uttarakhand.

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